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how advanced shadow duels work

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how advanced shadow duels work

Post by rainbow dash 617 on Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:27 pm

so i thought why not make shadow duels more fun... so i did.

so this is how more advanced and more costly shadow duels will work.

in advanced shadow duels you will be able to make wager for more/better stuff.
but because these duels have higher costs, after the duel offer is posted it then must first be approved by me and only me before it is accepted.(not trying to be rude but you will see why as you read the rest)

to certain things you can wager for is:
(NOTE: dose not have to be what these are, these are only examples)
(NOTE: do not make wagers to take a teacher or admins position)

(ritual member vs ritual mamber)
winner: dorm up - loser:dorm down

(tester vs synchro member)
winner: takes tester postion - loser: goes back to what ever dorm they where in
OR  winner: tester keeps his/her position as tester - loser: dorm down

these was just some examples, you can wager other stuff, like: tourny orgnizer postion, excuses from homework fer a week, there best deck list ect.

the will be posted simalr to normal shadow duels(NOTE: must be posted as show below or the topic will be deleted)

xxxsevenxxx posts:

ADVANCED shadow duel
duel type: single
restrictions: tier one
oppoent i wish for: sky bringer
my wager: if i lose i go down a dorm
your wager: if you lose i take your spot as tester

do you accept

no that she has posted the duel offer i need to aprove of it before it is accepted

rainbow dash 617 posts:

this duel is approved. sky can chose to accept or not


sky bringer posts:

i accept

after the duel takes place the winner can post that he/she won but must give proof or the loser can just say they lost

sky bringer posts:

i lost D:
in this case i will change there colors and then delete the topic.
but for wagers such as deck lists i want the person who shoud have the deck list to comfirm that he/she has it first. then i will delete the topic

(NOTE: i would like admins to post if they have delt with the transactions before i get there, then i will delete the topic when i see that post)

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