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how academy duels work

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how academy duels work

Post by rainbow dash 617 on Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:12 pm

academy duels will work simaler to how shadow duels work except that there is no wager involved.
he/or she will make a post saying the restrictions to the duel(only if you want restrictions)
duel type(match/single)
and who they want to duel(they can also just put certian groups e.g. everyone, fusion members, ritual members, testers ect.)

after the duel takes place the loser will post saying he has lost or the winner can take a screen of it and post the link and say he won.
once they do that and myself or an admin sees it they will give the winner 50 fusion points from the academy.
the loser will neither gain or lose anything.  

thank you all for reading - chloe xxx

(NOTE: i would like the admin to post on the duel topic that he has made the fusion point transfer, then once i see it i will delete that topic.) (NOTE: i will be the only one to delete the topics of this section as i want to make sure everyone gets points. admins can still make the fusion point tranfer though)

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