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how shadow duels work

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how shadow duels work

Post by rainbow dash 617 on Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:57 am

hello everyone and welcome to the shadow duel arena.
here is where you post a challenge for a duel stating the duel type, any restrictions and the wager of gxp and the chanlger you wish(if there is one dostent have to have a persific challenger)

for example

rainbow dash 617 posts:

duel type: match
restrictions: not any
wager: 300 fusion points
challenger i wish: scscorpions

do you accept

scscorpions posts

i accept the duel

after the duel takes place the loses comfirms that he/she has lost or the winner can post a screen shot to prove they won

scscorpions posts

i lost, congrats

thanks for reading this - chloe xxx

(NOTE: i would like the admin to post on the duel topic that he has made the fusion point transfer, then once i see it i will delete that topic.) (NOTE: i will be the only one to delete the topics of this section as i want to make sure everyone gets points. admins can still make the fusion point tranfer though)
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